Top 9 Business Books to Read

What are the Top Business Books to Read? I often get this question during my talks about “Building an Unstoppable Business.”

In this post, I am going to recommend the Top 9 Business Books that have helped me in leadership and entrepreneurship. This list may not match with the other lists of the same type but they have a big role to play in whatever little success plus fortune I have in my life.

Each of these books is powerful and they will help you achieve success in life and business. In the same way, as they have helped me. But you should master one book at a time. That way they will have a significant impact on your fortune.

Moreover, you will need to do the work. Because nothing works unless you do the work. Read the book. Find ideas, insights, tools, and tactics. Take action. And you will see the results.

Once you read this list, I would be delighted if you can list any other business book that has helped you in your life and business. Your suggestion will help the audience of this post get more books they can read about business.

Why do I recommend these Business Books to you?

The main reason I am recommending these to you is that I have immensely profited from these books.

Since the age of 15, I started reading business magazines and news. I was always curious about people who started their business from zero and scaled it to build a formidable brand.

In 1997, two years after completing my engineering, my friends from college asked me to join them in business. Because of all the rags to riches stories I had read, I thought this was my chance to start a business of my own and go from zero to hero.

But there was one problem once we started our business. None of us had any idea about,

  • How to start a business?
  • How to build and market products?
  • How to find customers?

That is when I started reading business books. The idea was straightforward, I wanted to gain the experience of the author who would have spent many years in business. And it helped.

It helped me in my development as an Entrepreneur. Also, it helped in building our business and brand to an extraordinary level.

What kind of Business Books am I recommending?

It is my belief that “Business is an extension of the person we are.” So along with business books, you will also find some personal development books or mindset related books on the list.

Your mindset will decide the Success or Failure of your business or even your job. So right from when you start you need to cultivate the right mindset for success. You will have to develop a general attitude and a way of thinking which results in success.

Thus all the books mentioned here are a blend of business acumen, personal development, and mindset training.

My goal here is simple, whether you read one book from here or many, it should help you become successful in whatever great enterprise you have started to build.

Without further ado, let us look at the list.

Top Business Books to Read

For me, each of these business books is equally important. So I list them in no particular order.

  1. Think and Grow Rich – By Napolean Hill

    Business Book One

    Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

    Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill is one of the oldest and most beautiful of all business books. Millions of people have read this book and it was my first business book.

    This book is designed to change your mindset towards your business or job. It shows how you can change your mindset to become successful and be able to design your success in life.

    It is also the most read book. Millions of copies have been sold so far. It helped me in shaping myself to handle any business. It also talks about the philosophy and psychology of Business. That is why I feel everyone who starts a business should read this book at least once.

    Imagine! If you can turn your $1 investment into a million dollars then how cool it could be? That is what the tagline of the book says. It says, “This book could be worth a million dollars to you.”

    This book has made it to the top of the most business books list. Read this book to understand the philosophy and psychology of doing business.

  2. The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People

    Business Books Two

    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

    The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change written by Stephen R. Covey is another one of those classics. This was first published in 1989. It lives up to its tagline “Powerful Lessons in Personal Change.”

    I’m Going to quote – Skip Lefauve, President of Saturn Corp and General Motors. “Covey reveals a step-by-step pathway for living with fairness, integrity, honesty and human dignity – principles that give us the security to adapt to change, and the wisdom and power to take advantage of the opportunities that change creates.”

    For me, this was one of the best books that shaped my thinking. Especially it helped me in development of myself and my business at various stages.

    A good portion of this book focuses on building a relationship. This is very important for building a team or managing clients. This is one quality required to become a good entrepreneur and Stephen has done full justice to this.

    These two lessons made a big impact on my life.

    • Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence:

      The first lesson that I learned was, where do you focus your time and energies? There are some things over which we have no real control, defined as Circle of Concern. And others things that we can do something about, defined as Circle of Influence. Successful people focus on Circle of Influence and unsuccessful people on the other hand focus on Circle of Concern. This way of thinking helped me a lot.

    • Put First Things First

      The second lesson that remained with me was related to time management. We often avoid the important because of urgent. This creates a challenge where we are constantly bombarded with urgent priorities. This drains a lot of time and energy. This is where the lessons of put first things first come into the picture. It is also accompanied by a Weekly Organiser that became part of all Calendar Softwares Dashboard for a long time.

    Read this book because it will help you in all-round development.

  3. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

    Business Books Three

    How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

    How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is a Bible of Communication. Whether you are a student, professional, employee or entrepreneur, this is a book you must-read. It talks about the most important subject of communicating with others. And when done in the right way you can easily win friends as well as influence people.There are two reasons I’m including this on the business books list.

    • Communicating with People Outside your Business

      To run a good business you need to communicate effectively with the outside world. You have the bankers, investors, vendors, and clients. Each one of these people is really important for the business to succeed. This book helps in building a relationship with these people that are at a level of a friend. Because of the friendship, it removes a lot of obstacles for the business. So this book helps in creating friends outside the business.

    • Communicating with People Inside your Business

      The most important part of your business is the people who help you run the business from day to day basis. These are the people inside your business. They are partners, employees, managers, and help. These are the people you need to be able to influence every day. This can only happen with effective communication. The best part is when people within the business start working for the business as a family. So this book helps in creating a family inside the business.

    Read it once Or read it a few times. You are the one who will benefit. When your communication changes for good it will help you attract the best talent to run your business and find the best clients to grow your business.

  4. The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris

    #4 Top Business Books Read

    The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris

    The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris is for you if you want to, Escape the rat race, Travel the World, Earn a 5 Figure Income Monthly, Automate your Work, Live More, Work Less. Tim Ferris calls it a rich lifestyle by design. 

    It is a book that can help Wantrepreneur’s become Entrepreneurs. The book is valid for both an employee or an entrepreneur.For an employee, it teaches how he can find time in his hectic work schedule. For an entrepreneur, it shows how to design and automated business.

    In this book he talks about a formula D.E.A.L, this stands for

    • D is Definition:

      Definition is about your goals. Defining what goals you want to achieve. And the reasons why you want to achieve these goals. It is about bringing clarity to what you actually want in your work or your life.

    • E is Elimination:

      Eliminations are about removing all obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals. This is about finding out what is working and what is not working in your work or life. Then systematically eliminating everything that is not working. So that you can completely focus on what is working.

    • A is Automation:

      Automation is about building systems in a way that it does not require any manual intervention. This is perfect for everyone who wants to build a business in today’s date because of the tools available to us.

    • L is Liberation:

      Liberation is when you apply the above three formulas then you have enough time in your life or at work to pursue whatever you want to. It is about taking a long vacation or traveling the world. It is about pursuing a hobby. All the while allowing income to come in automatically month after month.

    Till now the books I shared were great classics. But this book is a classic for today’s generation. It is a perfect book for people wanting to live a rich life or set up a home-based business.

  5. Zero to One by Peter Thiel

    #5 Top Business Books Read

    Zero to One by Peter Thiel

    This book is for every entrepreneur who wants to build the next technology company.

    I will like to quote the description on Amazon for this book because it perfectly explains what this book is about.

    The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won’t make a search engine. If you are copying these guys, you aren’t learning from them. It’s easier to copy a model than to make something new: doing what we already know how to do takes the world from 1 to n, adding more of something familiar. Every new creation goes from 0 to 1. This book is about how to get there.

    The the first challenge today’s entrepreneurs face is that everything that needs to be invented or innovated seems to have been already done. In that how can you build something that is totally new and can be a cause of the next disruption? That is on everyone’s mind.If you are thinking about that then this book is for you.I like to end this discussion with a quote by Peter Thiel

    “Doing what we already know how to do takes the world from 1 to n, adding more of something familiar. But every time we create something new, we go from 0 to 1.”

    If you want to build the next technology startup read this book. No Excuses!

  6. Great by Choice by Jim Collins

    #6 Top Business Books Read

    Great by Choice by Jim Collins & Morten Hansen

    I am talking about Great by Choice before Good to Great because Jim Collins focuses on not just performance, but also on the type of unstable environment faced by leaders today.

    In this book, the author focuses on companies that rose to greatness – beating their industry indexes by a minimum of 10x times over 15 years  – in environments characterized by big forces and rapid shifts that leaders could not predict or control. He then contrasted these “10X Companies” to a carefully selected set of comparison companies that failed to achieve greatness in similarly extreme environments.

    Though every part of the book is excellent for budding entrepreneurs to study and gain from the wisdom of years of research, my favorite is SMaC recipe.

    This is a must-read book for startup entrepreneurs.

  7. Good To Great by Jim Collins

    #7 Top Business Books Read

    Good To Great by Jim Collins

    Good to Great is a book written for failed entrepreneurs.

    In the beginning, each and every entrepreneur is excited and enthusiastic about his idea. Riding on the wave of excitement the entrepreneur is able to start a company based on his favorite idea. But as obstacles start coming and the performance of company goes down the excitement also starts decreasing.

    For such companies that are not born with a great DNA, this book answers the important question of how to achieve enduring greatness.

    In this book, the good to great companies are contrasted with a carefully selected set of comparison companies that failed to make the leap from good to great. What was different? Why did one set of companies become truly great performers while the other settings remain only good?

    The most important part of this book is the discussion about 5 Level of Leadership. Because the finding was crystal clear great leaders make great companies.

    If you are already an entrepreneur but your company is doing only good but not great then this book is perfect for you to read.

  8. Simplify by Richard Koch and Greg Lockwood

    #8 Top Business Books Read

    Simplify by Richard Koch & Greg Lockwood.

    This book comes from the author of another bestseller “The 80/20 Principle”, Richard Koch. If you have read the 80/20 principle then you do not need any introduction to Richard Koch. In this book, Simplify: How best business in the World Succeed? the author again discusses principles that you should follow when creating a business.

    Here he talks about a principle called The Star Principle. It is so overwhelmingly powerful that ordinary people like you and me can reliably create results, not through personal brilliance, but just following the principle carefully and with a modicum of common sense.

    By applying the start principle to all your investments you can build your personal wealth. By following the star principle you can invest only in businesses that are stars or have the potential to become stars in their particular markets.

    He also introduces us to a new principle called simplify that he found when working with his Co-Author Greg Lockwood on various investments over a period of 4 years.

    While the star principle tells you whether an existing business is a star, the simplify principle shows you how to create a star.

    The best story for me in this book is about Ray Kroc and how he created the McDonalds Empire. You can also watch the video of the same I did on my channel on Youtube.

  9. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker

    #9 Top Business Books Read

    Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

    The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T Harv Eker is a groundbreaking book on changing your mindset to attract wealth and riches into your life.

    If you are struggling to make money or success in life then chances are that your money blueprint is wrong.

    The author is ready to bet that he can predict your financial value within 5 minutes of talking to you. But that’s not all, in this book divided into two parts, he discusses the 17 ways rich people think differently than poor people. If you can understand the principles of how rich people think then you have chances of becoming rich yourself.

    It depends on you! Here is a glimpse of one of the principles in action “I Create my Own Life.”

    If you are struggling with your finances then this is a must-read book for you.

What is the top business book according to you?

I hope you read and enjoy these books. And it is my deep wish that these books really help you in your business and life to find financial abundance.

Before we part, I would love to know the best business books you have read. Share your favorite books in the comments.

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