How to get an expensive car? Even when you cannot afford it in 100 years.

Have you ever thought “How to get an expensive car?” Even when you cannot afford it in 100 years.

No, I don’t want to demean you. Not by using the phrase, you cannot afford it in 100 years. I think you can, everyone can, everyone who asks the question,”How to get an expensive car?” will find a way to do it.

In the same way, as I found a way to get an expensive car.

However, what is your current situation? Is your current level of income good enough to buy an expensive car?

Unless you are a millionaire, with your current level of income, you may feel the same way. You may never see yourself get an expensive car in the next 100 years, indeed. I know because strangely enough, I have been in that exact same situation. In fact, a lot of people even with a good income cannot afford an expensive car. Especially the most expensive cars.

Today I can afford good things in life. But, it was not always like that. I have been in a far worse situation. That was the time when I had no money. And I eagerly waited for my next pay check.

My finances were in a mess. I had no idea, how to handle them. This put me into debt. I borrowed money but could not pay back. Leading to all kinds of financial struggles and suffering. It is a chapter in my life that I am always ashamed of.

Brrr . . . Let’s not go into that chapter. I’m trying to tear away all pages that lead to that chapter. Not easy when your mind stores every thing. Especially the bad memories.

The only thing important is that I have seen a very bad time financially. This was before I could systematically pull myself out from debt. Now I live an abundant life with respect to money.

This did not happen on its own, certainly not by trial and error, the right coaches and mentors helped me. They showed me how to come out of financial troubles. This was by helping me setup my online business with their experience.

Their stories were similar to mine. They had themselves come out of their own debt. That’s what helped me more. It gives you a little bit of confidence and big hope when you see that someone’s story matches with your own. I could rewrite my story and become financially independent following in their footsteps.

Not to mention, I went from zero to hero. From poor to rich. Moreover, my life became more organized. It was messed up before. I stopped worrying about bills and started enjoying small luxuries in life. It was a welcome change for me and my lovely family. Finally, we were able to afford good things in life.

But even with such an abundant life financially, getting an expensive car for myself is different. I mean, when you know your current level of income is not good enough to buy or even rent an expensive car. What do you do?

When you want an expensive car but you know you cannot afford it today or tomorrow or even in your entire life then what do you do? How do you figure out, How to get an expensive car?

Let me tell you, where this idea of, “How to get an expensive car?” came from. I will tell you in a minute. But first I need to tell you about a demand, from my little one, that made me uneasy.

Have you ever got a demand from your little one that made you uneasy? The feeling that you get when you are uncomfortable or tense. Generally, you can feel it in your stomach. As if you had some very bad thing to eat that day and your stomach got upset.

I got uneasy with a demand by my little one. It was that kind of a demand.

But don’t judge me yet. You should know that I love my family. Especially my wife and my children. They are very dear to me. I want to give them everything I possibly can. I want to give them a good house, great food, stylish clothing, a fine education and the little luxuries of life. Every thing that I can afford. Because I just work for them.

You may have the same feeling. You may want to give everything to your family. Your wife and your children. Especially things that are possible within your reach. And you must be working hard or long hours. Just so that you could fulfill their small wishes and make them happy.

Yes, that is what, I want to do for my family and my daughters. I had done that for my elder daughter for all her little wishes, till one fine day.

That was the day when everything changed because of one question she asked. That question made me uneasy.

She is my little daughter, only seven years old as I write this, I call her, “My Little Princess.” To that, she always laughs and playfully says, “Daddy, I am just your little girl.”

mttb 21 steps online business

Coming back to my story, “How to get an expensive car?”

One day as we were leaving the Mall after groceries, a car pulled up in front of us. There was a little boy of my daughter’s age peeping from the sunroof of a very expensive car. I could see it was an AUDI. At that time I had a Japanese Hatch Back. I don’t want to name the car because it had served me well, until that moment. I had a thought looking at that car, “How do you get an expensive car?” like that.

My daughter interrupted my thoughts.

She said, “Daddy can we get that car?”, innocently pointing to the AUDI. Continuing with excitement, “The one that opens at the TOP! I want to stand like him and wave at everyone.”

“Why?” was my reflex and not a good one.

With a twinkle in her eyes and the same innocence, she said, “Because I am your little princess. You always tell me that. And a princess should have a car like that so that she can wave at everyone.”

She was right! It was my mistake. I had made her my princess forgetting that I was not a king. That moment I felt I could not afford everything that a princess would want. Sometimes we give labels to our children that we cannot afford. Princess was one such label I had given to my daughter.

Suddenly I felt uncomfortable and tense in my stomach. It was not a good feeling. The one you get when you are uneasy or nervous or just had something very bad to eat.

I wanted to downright say, “No! That’s out of our reach.” But like I always do, half smiling and half frowning, I said, “Yes, my little princess. We will get one.”

I knew it and I think she sensed it. It was a “Try promise.” in her words, meaning I would try. But not a “Pinky promise” where I would stand by my word. In my mind, it was a false promise.

I could not sleep that entire night. The only images and sound flashing in my mind were of that moment and the demand of my little daughter. It was as if the boy was continuously waving and my daughter’s words were getting louder and louder in my ears.

Nothing could put me to sleep that day.

By the morning my daughter forgot about it. And my mind kept circling back to it. I was lost and thinking, “If that boy can have that car, why not my little girl?”

And I kept getting back the same answer as if some third person was telling me,”Because you cannot afford it.”

My mind was racing back and forth. I was going over the same question over and over again, “How to get an expensive car?” It had almost become a mantra in my head. Not a positive one. Not one that helps you.

So I kept thinking about that question, I kept asking myself, “What could I do to get that car?” The answer was simple, “Make more money.” But the bigger question was, “How?”

I was making enough money at that time from my online business. Enough to take care of my family, my expenses, my wife’s & daughter’s little wishes. But not enough to buy an AUDI with a Sunroof.

I felt as poor as a man without a job!

This feeling came for the first time after quitting my job. I had quit my job to become a full-time online entrepreneur. And I was making a decent income online. At least I thought so, till this event happened and turned my world upside down.

As an internet marketer, I earned enough to provide for my family but I was still poor to fulfill all wishes of my family. That day I realized that I was just barely doing better than my job but not as good as the goal I started with when I quit my job.

My #1 goal was to become an Internet Millionaire.

But as money started coming in somewhere I lost track of my #1 goal and settled for less. Long time back I had studied and talked about the reasons for failure as an affiliate marketer. It was like I was going from success to failure. Just because I was becoming more and more comfortable in my online business.

I was awakened. I had to get back to my #1 goal and find a way to achieve that goal.

To cut the story short, you know this popular cliché, it goes like this.

It’s said that when you desperately want something the universe conspires to make it happen.

And I started searching high and low, How to earn big commissions?

In my seven years as an internet marketer, I know only two ways you can make more money online.

  1. By getting more customers.
  2. By selling products that earn big commissions.

I was already doing well in getting more customers. The only thing left for me was to find products that earn big commissions.

At that moment, I felt, earning big commissions was the only way I could buy an AUDI for my daughter. The one with sunroof where she could stand like that boy and wave from the window on the top.

The universe conspired. It gave me an answer.

A system that shows, “How to get an expensive car?”

As I searched high and low on, How to earn big commissions? I found an affiliate marketing system. Matt, a farm boy, who found a way to become an internet millionaire, built this system. His story seems very similar to mine. Only he had more focus and worked really hard to get where he is today.

Matt comes from outback Australia where his parents own big farms that grow seasonal crops. He could not see himself working on the farms. There was no security in that work, he thought. His biggest worry was that one drought could erase all his income and savings.

Somewhere he found out about Online Business and Making Money on the Internet. He got excited and decided to find out everything he could. One thing led to another and after working steadily for few years he was able to build a multi million dollar business. He now spends his time coaching and mentoring people like you and me to become millionaires.

Here share this post to see what this system is about and how it can help you get an expensive car.

Everything is explained in his 21 Step Business System. The question on, “How to earn big commissions?” is answered very well. It has one of the biggest and the best payouts. Better than what any affiliate marketer can get anywhere else. Not only that, he even shows you different stages of online business and how you can progress through each step, in effect becoming a millionaire.

This is what attracted me to the system.

But what attracted me more was not just the big commissions, I love big commissions, but it has something called a Motors Program. Yes, it has the answer to my, “How to get an expensive car?” question. As an affiliate marketer for this program, after reaching a certain number of sales, you get an opportunity to drive your favorite expensive car.

If you are an affiliate marketer like me or you want to make money online then you have to try this program.

If you are asking the same question like me, “How to earn big commissions?” or “How to get an expensive car?” then the Universe has conspired to Grant you that wish. When you Watch this FREE Video you will see everything that this 21 Steps Business System can do for you. Including a way to get a car of your choice.

Hope you accept the Rich Life that Universe has in store for you.

Stay Focused. Stay Rich!

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