Effective Email Marketing Strategies. Get them delivered and read.

Email Marketing has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale. David Newman

Email marketing can super charge your sales funnel. It is the best asset you can create if you are an online marketer. Email marketing remains on top of the heap. Even above all the social media channels.

Yes it’s got a bad name. All because of the widespread use of viruses and malware. Everyone is cautious about opening an email that comes from a source they don’t recognise. This is especially true when it comes from a non-English speaker.

So you have to reassure your customers that the emails you send are safe. They are reliable. And there is an easy way to do that. There is a way to get them delivered and read.

Follow these simple and effective email marketing strategies and see the change.

1. Don’t Sensationalise the Headline when email marketing:

Popular email providers like Yahoo, AOL, Gmail follow a standard. They show who the sender is and the headline. In some instances, the first few words of the email text itself will appear on the user’s email queue.

That makes the headline the first important element of your email. The following reasons can send your email directly to “Spam” folder:

  • Your headline is overly exaggerated.
  • You make extraordinary claims in your headline.
  • It is something sensational or unbelievable.

With such headlines the other possibility is the email being deleted without opening.

Take a look at the emails in the image below. Which ones would go to spam or get deleted because of the reasons above? Additionally study your own inbox and pay attention to emails in the spam folder or deleted by you. You will get really good insights.

Email Marketing

The goal is to get the reader open your email. So craft your headline accordingly. Give them a reason to open and read the email. It should capture their imagination. It can happen only if you engage their interest. You don’t need to go over the top.

The best way is to avoid the following in your email headline:

  • Multiple Exclamation Points. Only one is enough only if necessary.
  • ALL CAPS. This is not required.
  • Crazy Colors. This is sure to go to spam.

You can avoid all the above to stay in the inbox of your subject. If you do this then your audience will treat your emails with respect. They will open and read your emails.

2. Use the Person’s Name for email marketing, If Known

“Hi Paul” or “Hi Sandra” else “Dear Paul” or “Dear Sandra”, is a good way to address someone. The greeting is the first thing the reader will see. As soon as they open your email. If you know their name then use it.

Email tends to be less formal than traditional letter-writing. So in most cases using the person’s first name is perfectly acceptable. Using the person’s last name can often seem off-putting, such as “Dear Mr. Stewart” or “Dear Ms. Simpson.” Exceptions would include formal titles such as “Doctor,” “Professor,” or a military title.

When you are building your email list make sure you ask for name. Lot of email marketers think that name is not necessary. But it makes a lot of difference. You can use it a your first greeting in every email. That will make all your emails personal. They will be opened more often.

Sometimes you may buy email lists. That is also one of the tactics email marketers use. It is useful to get the first flow of traffic to a brand new offer. Even when you are using Solo Ads or SafeLists, see that the service provider has first name captured.

3. Get to the Point for effective email marketing

People receive so many emails every day. And emails are less formalised than traditional letter writing. So they get very less attention. That’s why it is critically important to get to the point of your email right away. Starting with the very first sentence.

Give your reader a reason to keep reading. Don’t waste their time. Don’t beat around the bush. Instead of building your point slowly you need to come to the point.

You have few seconds before your reader will click away. So you have to keep the reader’s attention. Only then can you make most of it.


4. Hold the Central Point

In the same way as get to the point you need to hold the central point. Whatever you want to convey should stay the focus of your email. Each sentence and paragraph should circle back on the central point.

You can write a short or long email. That does not matter much. But if you veer off your central point in your email then you will immediately lose your subject. They may click away from your mail before they see your sales link.

Check this post “Reasons for Failure of Affiliate Marketers.” In this I cover 9 reasons for failure. If I were to send this out as an email it would be very short. Maybe I would just write short paragraph for each reason.

So hold the central point.

5. Signing Off is the best email marketing strategy

Another difference between traditional letter writing and emails is the sign-off. You don’t have to include a formal “Sincerely” or “Gratefully yours.”

Simply ending with your name is perfectly acceptable. Or, if you prefer, you can use an informal phrase such as “Chat with you soon” or “Cheers.”

Following these effective email marketing strategies. They will increase the chances that the person receiving your email, open it and read it. The content of your email should push the person to take action. Such as clicking on a link included in the body of your email.

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