Design your Life Mantra “I Create My Life”

Do you want to Design your Life? I have a simple mantra – “I Create My Life.” When you say this mantra over and over again for an extended period, you will see a secret door of opportunity open up for you. The door that you did not even know existed in your life.

Moreover, when you walk into this door with a leap of faith, you will be on your path to wealth and success in life.

NO ! I am not saying this.

I am quoting this mantra from a book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker. Read this book to find out, how this mantra will work for you?

You can get this book here, but before you get this book and start reading, I have a shortcut for you that you can learn within two mins of reading this post. So read this entire post first, and later you can think about the getting this book.

There are seventeen principles mentioned in this book. Each principle is designed to change your mindset towards money.

Mr. T Eker is confident that each one of us has a blueprint about money stored in our mind. It either makes us rich or keeps us poor. He wants us to change it with his seventeen principles so that you can find success and design your life the way you want.

Moreover, you can block other people from designing your life the way they want.

The First Pricinple to Design Your Life:

The first principle explained in this book is,

Rich people believe “I create my life.” Versus “Poor people believe “Life happens to me.”

This law is about getting rich. Ignore it and you will remain poor throughout your life. It is the simplest way available to design your life the way you want.

This law talks about changing your mindset. You have to adopt the way rich people think. That way you command the same results that rich people make in their financial area of life.

Today each one of us is on the quest to become wealthy. Money has become the new oxygen of life.

Having enough cash increases happiness, and lack of it makes us miserable.

Do you need any data to prove this point? No, we can look back at our own lives, the way it has happened, we would get enough evidence of this principle in action. All the proof we need is already behind us in our past.

Who can Design your Life?

You can design your life. I can design my life. Each one of us who believes in this principle “I CREATE MY LIFE” can design their life.

It does not matter what you are doing in life today.

Either you may be an Employee in a Job, or you may be an Entrepreneur running your own Business. Alternatively, you may be a Professional musician, athlete, singer, artist or some creative person.

You need money. Money is the energy of Life. Its circulation keeps your life in a state of happiness.

Also if you are like me, then you are continuously trying to improve your financial condition. An excellent financial situation helps us to focus on things that we need to do to go from good to great in life. A severe financial situation disturbs our focus, and our life can only go from bad to worse.

But whatever is your situation great, good, bad or worse, you are capable of designing your life as far as money is concerned. It does not matter whether you are in a Job or a Business or a Creative field.

Who wants to live a Rich Life?

We are always trying to improve our financial condition. We also saw that,

Good financial condition makes our life joyful versus Bad financial condition makes our life miserable.

However, while each of us wants to be rich, only a small 4% to 5% of our population can be termed as truly rich. These are the millionaires and billionaires of the world who do not need to think about money for a few generations to come.

Rest of us, like you and me, have to struggle daily to improve our financial condition. You may already know that we as humans seek financial security above all our other needs and wants. Because consciously or unconsciously we believe that “Money makes me Happy.”

Honestly, I understand, not everyone wants to be filthy rich. Also, some of us are just looking for financial stability and a little bit of luxury in life. However, none of us would say no to becoming rich, if we can get there ethically and legally, even if we have to work hard for it.

Given a choice, everyone would want to be filthy rich.

What is the meaning of Rich Life?

Rich life can mean different things to different people. But this is my version of a rich life,

  • Financial Freedom and Security:

    I should not have any worry about money in my life. My monthly or yearly income should be able to take care of all the needs of my family and myself. I should have enough money to spend on few luxuries of life and enough to save.

  • Exotic Vacations and Travel Places:

    I should be able to take my family to exotic locations. I want to see the world and travel the world with my family and friends. Every year I should have enough time and money to travel to a new place to explore and enjoy.

  • Afford Luxuries in Life:

    I want to own things that would come with a real value for money. They would be costly enough that only a few people could afford it. Like get an expensive car or buy iPhone X for everyone in my family.

  • Give to Charity:

    I want enough money I can donate to charity. And I understand that I should donate even a little bit when I have money. But I want to really help orphanages for children or grandparents to give them what they need the most.

Your meaning of rich life may be different but you should think about it and write it down. When you start writing down what you desire you will know what kind of a life you are looking forward to. That is your rich life.

How to Design your Life like a Millionaire?

Look at the Irony of Life.

Each one of us wants to become rich but for some reason, we believe that we can never become a millionaire or billionaire of this world.

But do you know, where did these millionaires and billionaires start from? They all started at zero.

Then what stops us from becoming rich.

Every rich person that exists today was poor once upon a time. There is enough research available to prove this fact. Various studies have shown that numerous millionaires and billionaires of this world started broke at the outset.

This brings up an essential point, that

Your present situation does not decide your future reality. If you believe in yourself and try then you will be able to find ways to make more money and have abundance in life.

You have at least one thing in common with these rich people of the world. That is your financial condition. It is same as the rich before they became rich. In fact, you may be better than most of them who started extremely poor.

If you think you are poor, then you should consider yourself lucky because you may have a chance to break out like they did from their poor state.

The only one thing you need to do today is to change your mindset. Instead of thinking Life Happens to Me you need to start believing I Create My Life. The moment you do that you will see your life turn from poor to rich.

The First Principle “I Create My Life”

Adopt this mantra “I Create My Life.” As soon as you do that new door of opportunity will open up. Even you could never have imagined that this door existed in your life. When you enter this door with a leap of faith it will lead you to a path of wealth and success. There is so much power in this mantra “I Create My Life.”

The people who turned from poor to rich saw such door of opportunity when they changed their mindset. In the life of each of this person, there was a turning point when they understood this mantra that “I Create My Life.” When you change your mindset no one can keep you poor. Not even YOU!

In the same manner, when you will adopt this mindset no one can keep you poor. Not even YOU! As soon as you adopt this mindset you will be on your way to becoming a millionaire or even a billionaire in your lifetime.

It is my wish that you become a millionaire but I can only wish. You are the only one who can make this into reality for you. No one else can.

In this excellent summary, T. Harv Eker has nailed the first principle.

You are the one who creates your success, you are the one who creates your mediocrity, you are the one who creates your struggles, and all these reflect on your wealth and success in life. Consciously or Unconsciously, it is still YOU!

When you imprint this powerful message your brain, the only results you will get in life will be of success and flow of money.

Try this, and you have nothing to lose.

How to use the Mantra “I Create My Life”?

A mantra is a statement or slogan repeated frequently. So if you are reading this today, then I will show you a simple way in which you can use this mantra.

Everyone from Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma to any other life coach has shown us the power of autosuggestion. That is the same thing we are going to do.

Just follow this 3 Step Process to Imprint your Brain with this Mantra.

  1. Put your right hand on your heart.
  2. Repeat this phrase “I Create My Life” loud enough for you to hear your voice.
  3. Do I and II daily for 30 seconds to 1 minute till you become rich and successful in your own eyes.

Moreover, when you are repeating this mantra daily, you will have to stop doing certain things.

You have to stop complaining, gossiping, crying, hating or anything that is negative that can impact your result.

You just need to start believing in this mantra, “I Create my Life.”

When you do this for a few days and firmly believe that you are the creator of your own life and all the situations in your life are entirely in your own hands then you will see changes happen.

No matter what is your situation today. If you follow this, you will see the change as soon as you start believing in this message. You will be amazed at how much your life can change from good to great just by repeating this simple mantra.

I am with YOU on this.

Remember you are not alone in designing your life. I am with you on this. We can help each other just by walking together with this shared belief in mind that “I Create My Life.”

With that mantra firmly in my mind,

  • Right now, I am removing all the weeds that have grown on my fertile mind so that I can sow the seeds that will lead to a golden crop.
  • Right now, I am burying all the complains I have about life and people around me so that I can entirely focus on the things that will bring me success.
  • Right now, I am committing to my success so that I can lead the life that I have dreamt of and believe it is possible for me to live a rich life.
  • Right now, I am helping enough people live a rich life so that I can experience the joy of giving when others are inspired to live a rich life like me.
  • Right now, I am putting my hand over my heart and repeating the mantra, “I Create My Own Life.

It is the mantra I am going to imprint on my brain so much that Consciously or Unconsciously I will find and follow the golden path of success.

What next?

Do you believe in this mantra? “I Create my Own Life.”

Let me know in comments. Moreover, even if you do not consider it as your mantra, I would like to know your opinion.

Either way, I am eager to listen to you. Tell me more.

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