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My name is Amit Patel and I've been working on the internet for Seven Years.  Learning the information that is inside this system has been life transformational for me, and I can't wait to share it with you too!  


I was fascinated by the "laptop lifestyle" and wanted to live that life for time freedom and location freedom.  But I struggled to create that lifestyle on my own. 


I thought it was not possible to create a "laptop lifestyle", but now that I am utilizing the systems that Borderless System recommended to me, I'm seeing how it's absolutely possible for ANYONE who wants to have this life!


Step #1: Click the button above and you'll see the video of The Super Affiliate Mr. Ewen Chia who explain's everything that's included in this system, and how he used this information to become a self-made millionaire in Singapore!  

Step #2: Check your inbox and look for my first email I sent you.  I have a few tips and strategies on how you can use this information to earn income quickly without spending a lot of time at your computer everyday!


No matter if you're BRAND NEW to the internet, or you've been online for years... The information in this system can change your life!  Enjoy!


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