Affiliate Marketing : 9 Reasons for failure as affiliates

“Affiliate marketing is a scam”, I said, banging my hand on the table with a good thud. My friend asked, “Why do you think so?” Pleading like a child with both hands folded, “Zero sales in 5 years. Can I know the reasons for my failure?” This was in 2015, 5 years from when I started in 2010. My friend was earning between 10k to 15k per month by then. He was an affiliate marketer. Promoting several different products in various niches.

Laughing at me, he showed his earnings. I just thought, Unbelievable! Looking towards the sky, “GOD this is unfair,” That day, if GOD had replied, he would have said, “It’s all your fault, Son. Your results show your actions.”

Have you reflected on your actions?

Action leads to result: every action has a result, the “fruit of action” in the words of the Gita.

This is true, every action has a result. Good results mean right actions. Bad results mean wrong actions. This is a simple principle. I wasted 5 years in affiliate marketing without applying it. Even when I applied it constantly to other areas of my life where I was already successful.

That conversation, with my friend, was a turning point. My actions changed and my results were different. For the first time I made $250 online, $100 in Amazon and $150 in Clickbank. This proved it was not a scam. Affiliate Marketing was real and everyone can make money online as an affiliate.

After that I took great care of the actions and used my results as feedback. Good results, continue the actions. Bad results, stop the actions. Simple principle worked like magic for me. Things changed and I was able to quit my job in Feb 2017. Now I work full-time on my make money online venture.

Let me guess!

If you are still reading then you are an aspiring affiliate marketer. You want to make money from home. Build your own online empire. Read this entire post. Trust me it will help you. You will get ideas that can help your business.

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The Affiliate Marketers Tribe and their Dreams:

We are from the same tribe. Make millions in sleep. Travel across the world with our family.  Take selfies with our shiny cars. Live in a mansion by the beach or on a mountain. Are the typical dreams we live by.

Every affiliate marketer sees them. That is what makes up this unique tribe. A rich lifestyle tribe. Living rich is the ultimate goal in this tribe. Few have achieved this and are living the dream. Others are watching the few to keep their dreams alive. Everyone is moving in the same direction.

But, we know in our heart, that what we are looking for is freedom. Freedom from our 9 to 5 job. Stop working pay check to pay check. Enjoy life. Travel around the world. Build your own beautiful house.

We need freedom from bills, debt, insecurity, lack of money, pain and everything that we feel is constantly holding us back in our life. The real goal is happiness. Happiness is what we seek for ourselves and our family, that is our #1 priority.

To fulfill that dream, money is important. Everyone has the same goal in the end. How to earn a living that can help us live a good enriching life? And a regular income is important for that. It does not matter if it is $5K or $50K per month. What matters is regularity. Just like a paycheck. Then each one of us would be happy.  As I said,

Happiness is what we seek for ourselves and our family, that is our #1 priority.

How much money are you making today with affiliate marketing?

How much money are you making today? As an affiliate success means, “How much money you are making?”. Someone said this really well,

For me, success means making money, failure means losing money. Easy to track, count and to measure progress.

Since making my first dollar online, I simply focus on money. Profit means I am doing the right things. Loss means I am doing the wrong things. Don’t you think? This is, easy to track, count and to measure progress.

What are you earning as an affiliate marketer?

Either you are like my previous unsuccessful avatar making zero dollars online or you are already making some money online. It may also be possible that you are breaking the internet with your earnings. Whatever is your status you stand at a particular level. Let us see where you stand,

  • You are making Zero Dollars Online: 

    Then you are part of marketers that have zero sales online. By estimates, 80% affiliate marketers do not make any money or sales online.

  • You are making up to $500 per month:

     Then you are part of a very small number of marketers that make some sales online every month. By estimates, 16% affiliate marketers make only up to $500 per month.

  • You making above $500 per month: 

    Then you are part of a tiny number of marketers that make regular income every month. It does not matter if it is $1K, $5K or $10K. By estimates, 4% affiliate marketers make more than $500 per month regularly.

In a private survey of 10,000 affiliates, these were the numbers. No one has tried to confirm this survey. May be because of fear that people would lose hope from affiliate marketing. No one is talking. No one is thinking. It is like an elephant in the room that no one wants to see.

My Analysis of your earnings as an affiliate:

You know I failed a lot. I failed for 1821 days straight. That is 5 years. But after I became successful, I started analysing my reasons for failure with affiliate marketing. Research showed that these reasons were common across the tribe. So common that if you started today and first understood these reasons then you will be 10X to 100X times faster than me. You will become successful within days and weeks instead of months and years.

You would do a service to all affiliate marketing beginners if you share this article with them. It will save them a lot of pain and frustrations that both of us have been through. Share it here

Check which of these reasons are applicable to you and drop them to become successful.

  • If you are #1 – Zero Sales Online:

    Everything is going wrong for you. Your actions are producing zero results. Check your actions. You might be frustrated like me in 2015. It is a time to think. All the reasons for failure could be applicable to you.

  • If you are #2 – Earning up to $500 per month: 

    Few things are going right for you. You know this is not a scam and by finding the right formula you can easily make money online. But some things have gone wrong for you. Some of the reasons of failure could be applicable to you.

  • If you are #3 – Earning above $500 per month: 

    Everything is going right for you. You have mastered the art of affiliate marketing. You must have overcome most of the reasons for failure at this stage. Check the reasons and think about those that are still applicable to you. When you have no reason left for failure, I can guarantee it to you that you will become the top 1% affiliate marketer and make a massive fortune online.

Frankly, whatever stage you are, tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning. Look at the reasons for failure below and see if you can drop them one by one.  It is my promise that when you drop these failures you will become the top 4% marketer in the world and then you can go on to become the top 1% marketer by pushing yourself to drop all the reasons of failure.

It is my wish for you that if you are at #1 then you should move to #2 and if you are #2 then you should move to #3. #3 I don’t need to say much to you. But if you are a #3 in the top 1% massively successful affiliates then I have a message for you, I would like to learn all the great things from you, let me know how I can connect with you.

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Without further ado let us look at the reasons for failure and if you stick with me I will also give you a simple formula that every 4% affiliate marketer uses.

9 Reasons for failure with affiliate marketing

As an affiliate marketer, these are the most common reasons I have found. Looking back, they were certainly responsible for my failure. It is painful to repeat again that because of these reasons I could not make any money online for 5 years. Let us see these reasons and think about them one by one . . .

  1. Lack of Knowledge of affiliate marketing:

    Knowledge is power, is not just a cliché, it is a universal law of success.

    Swimmer needs swimming lessons. Musician needs music lessons. Engineer needs engineering lessons. Dancer needs dancing lessons. Every profession in the world needs a basic lessons.

    In the same way to become a professional affiliate marketer you need affiliate marketing lessons. The reason for failure in affiliate marketing is lack of knowledge. To become a better affiliate you will need to invest your time and money to gain better knowledge of affiliate marketing.

  2. Huge competition for popular niches:

    Any niche you pick has a huge competition. Everyone thinks that the shiny offers you see a lot are the offers to promote. So you will see a lot of offers in health, make money online, dog training, life survivor,etc. Everyone is copying everyone else. In turn creating a huge competition. You can hardly be seen and heard. That is the challenge.

    There is a lot of noise. People are promoting the same products, in the same places, in the same ways. Check any social media forum and you will know. This noise is deafening. Do you think your voice will be heard? No ! It will get drowned. Like here,

    competition for affiliate marketing

    Huge Competition to Affiliate Marketing : How you see the same offers from different people over and over again.

    To be heard you have to find some quiet places. You have to create your own unique platform. You have to nurture this platform so that your voice is heard clearly.

    To become a better affiliate be remarkable so that you can cut through the huge competition and be ahead of everyone in this game.

  3. Lack of Affiliate Marketing Strategy:

    A strategy is a plan of action designed to meet a long-term goal. We know this from grade school. To meet any goal, big or small, we need a strategy, we need a plan. It is this plan that we can execute to make our desired results.

    Most affiliates, become affiliates of Amazon or Clickbank and start promoting some random product without any strategy or a plan. They do not get the desired results.

    To become better affiliates you need to have a strategy or a plan. You need to think about the product, the campaign, the platform, the funnels and more. You need a blueprint before you actually start your promotion. This is what separates the 4% from the rest of 96% affiliate marketers.

  4. Incorrect Execution of Affiliate Marketing Strategy:

    Ideation without execution is delusion. – By Robin Sharma

    This is my mantra for success I have used in everything I have done so far. You can have the best strategy in place. You may have planned everything to the last bit. But if your blueprint is hanging on the wall, behind you and you are never using it, for execution, then it is a recipe for failure. Many affiliates fail because of incorrect execution.

    Think about how many times have you planned a perfect launch and then gone ahead and done something totally opposite.

    To become part of the 4% group you need a good strategy but after that you will need to execute on that strategy. You will have to follow your plan to the T. To remove this reason from your failure list, plan and then follow the plan, it is that simple.

  5. No Interaction with the Audience:

    We talked about incorrect execution but on the other side is interacting with the audience.

    Let’s say you are doing your campaign on social media. You create a beautiful Facebook post and people respond to the post. They like, share and comment on the post. This is the time to increase your interaction with the audience. You have to see who is engaging with that post and start a conversation.

    But, I see the opposite happening. Lot of marketers, keep marketing, keep creating content, but when someone responds to their content they simply fail to respond. These people are not able to sell to anyone.

    As per some top sales legend,

    People buy a product on their 6th or 7th engagement. But if there is a human interaction then they may buy within their 2nd or 3rd engagement. By A Sales Legend.

    To become part of the 4% group you have to communicate with your audience and you should look for people who are engaging with your content.

  6. Not building a proper affiliate marketing system:

    A proper affiliate marketing system is necessary for making sales online.

    A system is similar to a recipe. Imagine you want to create a mouth-watering dish like your favourite chef. What will you do?  You will find a recipe for that dish, probably by the same chef. In a recipe you have to follow all the steps as they have been laid out. In the same way you need an affiliate marketing system that has all the steps required for making sales online.

    affiliate marketing system

    Affiliate Marketing System : Simple Sales Funnel for Affiliates.

    First will be Traffic Generation pieces. Then your Opt-In page with free give away. Next will be your Email auto-responder. Finally your sales page. This is a simple system that most of affiliate marketers use. Your system can be different from others. It will depend on your strategy. But you must have a right system of doing things and then you have to follow that system.

    To be become a four precentor you have to build a proper affiliate marketing system. The system will help you make sales initially then you can also automate the system to make sales on auto-pilot.

  7. Not being resourceful:

    Resourceful is about solving your problems. The best resource is google and it can give you all the answers.

    But a lot of affiliate marketers are not resourceful. They want spoon-feeding. They want everything done for them and they don’t even want to work on traffic.

    I have seen a lot of done for you systems. But even in those systems you have to take care of traffic generation. You cannot sit and expect everything to work for you automatically. So develop your skills and be resourceful in finding answers to your questions.

    To become a 4% group member you have to become resourceful and find solutions to the problems you have with affiliate marketing. Every new problem will give you an opportunity become resourceful and to find your own solution.

  8. Not using the right Affiliate Marketing Tools:

    Affiliate Marketing requires a few tools. In the past you could use a website and email list. Now a days we have tools that don’t need  a website. E.g. ClickFunnels, this is a complete tool that can substitute your website and email list. It can help affiliate marketers build sales funnels quickly.

    Most of the affiliate marketers just copy links and paste their links all over the internet. They do not know who is clicking. They do not know where the audience is more engaged. Because they are not using any tools to track this.

    The 4% affiliate marketers use all the tools required for marketing. They use Email Auto Responders, they use Click Tracking Tools, They use Landing Pages and Click Funnels. All these tools make it very easy to build and run a campaign within days if not weeks.

  9. Not finding a right Affiliate Marketing Mentor:

    Lots of beginners in affiliate marketing want to reinvent the wheel. They will read blog after blog. They will watch one video after another. But they will not hire a right coach or mentor.

    In every field we find a coach to help us. Hire a swimming coach to learn swimming. Go to a music masters to learn music. Enroll into a programming class to learn programming. To become a professional in any field we hire a coach. Then, Why not affiliate marketing?

    The difference between 96% affiliate marketers who are making zero sales online or the 4% marketers who are making all the sales online is that every one in the later have a coach. They have invested in learning from top marketers to become one of them.

    To become 4% you need to actively look for a coach. You will save many days or weeks or months or years (like me) of time. The coach will give you all the mantras to become successful in affiliate marketing. In a very short time that can take years to learn. I enrolled in such a program that changed everything for me.

Now that you know the reasons, why only 4% affiliate marketers make money online, you are well equipped to change your present and future. You just have to remember these reasons and think about eliminating each roadblock presented within the reasons.

There are hundreds of reasons for failure,

I’m not saying that these 9 are the only reasons. In fact, if we try to find we may find more than a hundred reasons. Ask someone who has never made a sale online.  Every excuse is one reason. These are the few important reasons, I struggled with myself. Once  you understand the reason for failure then you can easily drop them of your list. That will be your path to success as an affiliate marketer.

Friends, before we go ahead.

I have a secret formula for you. Every successful affiliate marketer is using this. To generate 5 to 6 figure passive income. Without bragging. I am also on my way to a 6 figure income this year. Thanks to this formula.

What is the secret formula of affiliate marketing to become one of the 4% successful affiliates?

The formula is very simple,

Traffic + Email List + Selling System = Money.

There is no mention of the product. Because this works for any product. You just need to figure out how to use this formula. Then this will work for you.

When you make $500 every month, then you have this formula working for you. By achieving even a small result consistently, you will know how to get traffic. You will know how to build an email list. You will know how to sell your products to this email list.

That is the secret of affiliate marketing. Find the right formula to make more than $500 per month. Scale it to make more than $500 every day. You will be well on your way to making $180K per year.

So how do you use this formula to become a four precentor? You have to build an affiliate marketing system that is capable of generating passive income using this simple formula. I repeat it here,

Traffic + Email List + Selling System = Money.

How can you build #1 Affiliate Marketing System to generate passive income streams?

We saw the reasons a lot of people fail in affiliate marketing. You can drop these reasons systematically. Use the above formula to kick-start your affiliate marketing sales. Generate solid passive income online.

The best way to drop the reasons is with a training from top affiliate marketer. Someone who can show you step by step how to build your passive income system.

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